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Navigating the 2014 HR Technology Conference

Navigating the 2014 HR Technology Conference

2014 HR Technology ConferenceThe 2014 HR Technology Conference and Expo is just around the corner, coming up October 7-10 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

“HR Tech” is a great way to network with others in the HR profession and learn about what other organizations are doing as they roll out and refine new technologies for maximizing their talent.

If you are new to HR Tech, here are three simple ways to make sure you get the most out of your experience:

  1. Join the LinkedIn group. If for no other reason than to see that HR Tech is a vendor-heavy conference. My estimate is that 40% of the attendees are vendors and consultants. That’s evident in the discussion in this group. But vendor presence aside, the group is a good way to monitor discussions surrounding the conference and see some of the faces that will be attending.
  2. Download the app. The conference organizers have a nice tool to help you schedule your sessions and even prioritize and find the booths you’d like to visit. Download it and take time to plan your conference schedule BEFORE you go.
  3. Use the hashtag: #HRTechConf is the official Twitter hashtag. Monitor it both prior to and during the event to see what people are talking about. (Pro tip: take everything with a grain of salt.)

Explore Cool New Talent Management Software

At Talemetry, we have exhibited at HR Tech for several years. Like many other talent acquisition software exhibitors, we have some very cool technology, namely our Recruitment Marketing and Sourcing platform that helps large companies find, attract, and engage talent in new ways.

As an exhibitor, my advice to you would be to spend as much time as you can on the exhibit floor, talking to exhibitors at their booths. You are at the premiere conference for human resource management technology and you have access to smart people who are showing some of the most cutting edge software available.

You might just uncover a system that could enable your organization to implement new strategies or gain new efficiencies. Use the HR Tech app to prioritize and find the booths that interest you so you can be efficient with your time on the expo floor.

Be Assertive

Talemetry Recruitment Marketing Platform BoothMost booth staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and really do want to talk with you. They are excited about what they have to offer and are a resource for you. At the end of the day, everyone is here to network, learn, and help each other.

So put on a smile and ask that person manning their booth what they do. I find that the answers to this question can range from fun and informative to incomprehensible jargon (what does “find, attract, and engage talent in new ways,” mean?).

And if you find yourself having a hard time getting your question answered, simply say “can you show me?”

A picture says a thousand words and a quick demo can give you a clear view of what the company offers, but it can also stimulate ideas for you as you see what’s possible and map that back to some of the challenges you face in your organization.

Take a Picture – Win an iPhone 6!

Speaking of pictures, take a picture of any booths that you want to remember later. There’s bound to be plenty of short term memory loss at a Vegas conference. A picture will remind you of that great conversation you had about that new piece of technology you saw.

In fact, at the Talemetry booth #1300, we are giving away an iPhone 6 and we’ll double your chances of winning if you take and post a selfie with us at our booth!

So don’t hurry through the exhibit hall at a slow jog avoiding eye contact. Plan your time on the expo floor just as you would for the conference sessions and you’ll find the expo to be every bit as educational.

Get a Free Expo Pass

Couldn’t find the time to attend the full conference? We’ll give you a FREE expo pass so you can walk the exhibit hall and check everything out. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and come say hi!

The Talemetry HR Technology Conference Booth

See you at HR Tech, booth 1300. If you haven’t registered yet; use the code TAL14 to receive a $500 discount off the standard registration.

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